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Face Forward—Advanced Beauty Care Newsletter

Face Forward, the eNewsletter from Advanced Beauty Care To keep you abreast of the latest trends in skin care, the newest beauty products from Guinot, and the current news from the salon, Advanced Beauty Care publishes Face Forward, a periodic newsletter.

Face Forward, July-August 2010 Focus on the Eyes

Face Forward, July-August 2010

The skin surrounding your eyes is particularly fine and delicate. It is composed of fewer cell layers, making it more vulnerable to environmental aggressions. Consequently, specific eye care products are crucial to negate signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. Read more ...

Face Forward, June-July 2010 Guinot Longue Vie Cellulaire

Face Forward, June-July 2010

Guinot stepped out of the shadows in 1987 when it launched the now highly acclaimed Guinot Longue Vie Celluliare. Guinot Longue Vie Cellulaire recreates youth with 56 essential active ingredients that help cellular life and longevity. It regenerates your skin’s essential and vital functions, revitalizes your skin to restore a youthful texture, and plumps your skin, improving suppleness and delicacy. Read more ...

Face Forward, May-June 2010 Paris Comes to Burlingame

Face Forward, May-June 2010

Guinot started in 1963 when René Guinot set up his lab and designed the first skincare device that used a galvanic current, which defined the procedure we know and love today called the Guinot Hydradermie treatment, our star facial. The famous George V Hotel spa started offering its VIP clients this unique treatment, which soon became Guinot’s prestigious signature. Read more ...

Face Forward, April-May 2010 An Investment in Your Future

Face Forward, April-May 2010

How you treat your skin today affects the skin you will have ten or more years in the future. So, Advanced Beauty Care provides skin care that will not only help you look better today, but also maintain a youthful appearance in the years to come. Read more ...

Face Forward, March-April 2010 More Beautiful with Your Beauty Therapist

Face Forward, March-April 2010

This month we will focus on youth recovery of the delicate and vulnerable décolleté, and treatments that help to firm, lift and tone. Read more ...

Face Forward, February-March 2010 The Healing Touch of Beauty Therapy

Face Forward, February-March 2010

The benefits of a healing spa treatment from your beauty therapist Sarah Jane, helps optimize your skin’s health, its appearance, and leaves you feeling beautiful and healthy all month long. Read more ...

Face Forward, February-March 2009 October in Paris

Face Forward, February-March 2009

During October, Advanced Beauty Care was transformed into a Parisian Boudoir as we celebrated ‘French Beauty.’ Clients indulged in French chocolates and Champagne and enjoyed Parisian music during their spa visits. Read more ...