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Active Ingredients

Guinot Baume Hydratant et Apaisant Après Rasage
(After Shaving Balm)

Baume Hydratant et Apaisant Après Rasage – After shave balm for extra comfort

Guinot Baume Hydratant et Apaisant Après Rasage promotes instant comfort after shaving. Soothes, moisturizes and softens skin. Protects against skin aging due to environmental aggressions and refreshes skin with its oil-free, gel-cream texture.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E has anti-radical and anti-oxidizing properties that protect skin from environmental aggressions (UV rays and pollution) and slow down the aging process. Furthermore, due to its molecular structure, it curbs evaporation at the cornea layer of skin, ensuring a greater moisture level.

Guinot Défatigant Express Yeux
(Express Eye Gel)

Défatigant Express Yeux – Anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles, and anti-wrinkles

Guinot Défatigant Express Yeux promotes a healthy looking eye area by smoothing fine lines due to dehydration. Diminishes signs of fatigue and reduces dark circles and puffiness. Refreshes with its clear gel-cream texture.

Horse Chestnut Extracts –To regulate the mico-circulation of blood, drain excess toxins, decongest puffiness, and help reduce dark circles.

Guinot Gommage Peux Nette
(Facial Exfoliating Gel)

Gommage Peux Nette – Facial exfoliating gel

Guinot Gommage Peux Nette promotes a healthy looking face by exfoliating dead skin cells. Restores radiance and refreshes skin. Facilitates shaving of bristly beards.

Microspheres of Jojoba – During exfoliation, under finger pressure, microspheres release the jojoba oil, which nourishes, moisturizes, and provides comfort instantly.

Guinot Longue Vie Hommes
(Revitalizing Skin Care for Men)

Longue Vie Homme – Revitalizing Skin Care for Men

Guinot Longue Vie Hommes boosts your skin’s vital functions and rejuvenates your face. Smoothes wrinkles and makes your skin more supple.

Cellular Life Complex – Composed of 56 biological actives essential to the life of cells.

Guinot Nettoyant Visage
(Facial Cleansing Foam)

Nettoyant Visage – In-depth cleansing foam

Guinot Nettoyant Visage thoroughly yet gently cleanses your skin. Reduces the appearance of pores and refines skin texture. Prepares your skin for shaving, making it more supple.

Menthol – Refreshes skin, purifies the epidermis, and refines skin texture.