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"These facials are the best! They are so gentle and I have less break-outs now."

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Palo Alto, CA

"When I get a blemish I can rely on Sarah to help it go away."

 – Teen-aged male client,
Belmont, CA

"I fell asleep today in my facial! and now I have clear smooth skin."

 – Teen-aged female client,
Burlingame, CA


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Services for Teenage Skin

Treating Acne and Building Successful Skin Care Practives

Advanced Beauty Care offers a full-range of Guinot facials for teens. Your Advanced Beauty Care beauty therapist can personalize a skincare regimen to quickly help restore healthy skin. With professional facial treatments and a home care program, your skin will be clear and problem-free.

Guinot Hydradermie Facial for Acne

In just over an hour our signature Guinot Hydradermie facial for acne uses specific plant extracts to gently deep-clean and purify your skin, help control excess sebum production, and maintain a proper moisture level. Rather than pursue unnecessary extractions that may leave your skin traumatized, we re-educate your skin to improve its overall health — inside and out.

Our signature Guinot Hydradermie facial for acne includes a comprehensive consultation, a one hour facial, and one complimentary full-size skin care product as determined by your beauty therapist.

Guinot Acnelogic to the Rescue

We use the new Guinot Acnilogic serum as part of a home-care regimen. Its powerful ingredients visibly tighten pores and reduce shine for a beautiful complexion. It hydrates your skin, while penetrating deep to help stop acne-causing bacteria at the source. In addition Guinot Acnilogic Mattifying Powder absorbs oil and impurities on your skin leaving a nourished, protected and healthy glow.

Teen Skin Care Secrets

You can achieve radiant skin for your special day by following the path to bridal beauty:

  • Avoid over cleansing your skin. Gently wash your face twice a day for two minutes with a mild cleansing foam/wash that contains salyicylic acid (for example, Guinot Microbiotic Foaming Mousse). After cleansing, use a non-alcohol-based toning lotion wiped over your face and neck with a cotton pad to ensure your skin is clean and fresh (Try Guinot Toning Lotion with vitamin A & C).
  • Do not over-cleanse your skin, as this will strip your skin, disrupt its delicate pH balance, and cause your oil glands to produce more oil! Wash your hands diligently and rinse your skin with tepid water using your hands (avoid using a washcloth). Change your pillow case daily and use a fresh hand towel to minimize repeat acne.
  • Exfoliate your skin once a week with a gentle exfoliating medium to keep your skin’s surface clear and prevent blocked pores. After exfoliating, rinse, tone and apply a face mask.
  • Use a face mask twice a week to deep clean and purify your skin. Leave it on for ten minutes; remove gently; and then apply toning lotion before moisturizing. (Try Guinot Gommasque a two-in-one exfoliating-mask product. The exfoliating beads clear your skin’s surface and the cream base is left on yoru skin as a mask to deep clean and purify.)
  • Attend to any blemishes with care to avoid scarring. Avoid touching or trying to extract them. Let your beauty therapist help treat the area during your Guinot Hydradermie facial. Natural aromatherapy extracts of lavender and tea tree oil are a gentle alternative to drying over-the-counter topical creams. Use one drop of the extract to carefully treat the area or blemish as needed. To conceal and heal apply Guinot tinted blemish concealer.
  • Apply a non-oily moisturizer such as Guinot Matizone, which contains tiny sponges to absorb excess oil and keep your skin matte all day long. Wearing sunscreen daily to reduce the risk of pigmentation.
  • Keep your hands clean and avoid touching your face to minimize further blemishes. Picking at blemishes can spread acne-causing bacteria and squeezing can result in pushing infected matter deeper into your skin, causing more inflammation and scarring.
  • Keep long hair tied back or wear a headband to minimize unnecessary blemishes on your hairline.
  • Consider nutrition and diet changes. A diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables, fish, and soy with limited dairy and red meat is preferred.
  • Schedule a series of Guinot Teenage Hydradermie facials with your beauty therapist and start your path to clear radiant skin.

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