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Guinot Active Ingredients

Guinot Crème Red Logic

Guinot Creme Red Logic – Treats and conceals redness

Guinot Crème Red Logic reduces the appearance of redness and irritation on your skin. It gives your skin a fresher and more radiant surface while strengthening the epidermis and heightening your skin’s natural defenses.

Aloe Vera – Forms a moisturizing, protective film on your skin’s surface.

Calendula – Ssoothes and comforts your skin.

Guinot Correcteur Traitant
(Fast Mattifying Concealer)

Correcteur Traitant – Imperfection concealer

Guinot Correcteur Traitant dries and directly treats and conceals imperfections.

  • Ideally tinted formula that totally conceals spots and imperfections.
  • The face appears smoother and the skin healthier.

MAXIMAT – This complex contians a combination of extracts from plants known for their great capacities to treat oily skin. It contains purifying, astringent, regulating and soothing agents.

Guinot Time Logic Age Serum

Guinot Time Logic Age Serum – Take years off skin cells

Guinot Time Logic Age Serum regenerates tired, wrinkled and aging skin by stimulating cellular metabolic energy for up to 24 hours.

Cellular Life Medium – Contains 56 active biological ingredients that help promote cellular stimulation.

ATP – A biological molecule filled with energy to stimulate the activity of cells which have become lethargic over time.

Actinergie – A biological molecule that supplies necessary oxygen to the cells.

Guinot Double Cure Fondamentale de Jeunesse Yeux
(Youth Boost for Eyes)

Youth Boost for Eyes – 24-hour, day and night intensive in-depth cure

Guinot Double Cure Fondamentale de Jeunesse Yeux relaxes and decongests heavy eyelids. Rejuvenates eyelids by regenerating the fine epidermis of eye contour. Smoothes and lifts eye contours restoring youth. Intensive treatment of 14 days and nights.

Skin Matrix Complex – These biological components recreate integral parts of your skin from keratinocytes and fibroblasts. Kept in dehydrated form until you active them by combining them with liquid, they provide a nourishment for your skin to provide you with a more youthful look.