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"Thanks to Advanced Beauty Care and the wonders of Guinot, my skin has recovered and often I am told that "You just seem to have a glow" – words that a woman at any age loves to hear."

 – Amaya M. Elu,
San Bruno, CA


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Extended Care Services

Extended care can help you discover a new path to the enduring health and beauty of your skin.

Advanced Beauty Care Extended Care Services Designed to maximize the benefit you receive from Guinot beauty products and our associated services, our long-term, personalized programs help foster cellular regeneration to maintain your skin in optimum health. They include:

  • Guinot for Life Consultation – A 30-minute consultation that introduces you to the line of Guinot products and Advanced Beauty Care services that will address your unique skin care needs.
  • Youth Recovery Program – Devised by Guinot in Paris, the Youth Recovery Program addresses the concerns of aging by combining spa facial treatments and key products used in a specific sequence to obtain visible results. It stops wrinkles and fine lines from maturing, leaving your skin healthy and radiant. The program includes a series of 12 Hydradermie Lift express facial treatments as well as 12-week regimen that rotates key skin care products to enhance skin function and health for a clear, radiant complexion. The key products included are Guinot Youth Boost Serum, Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire, and Guinot Longue Vie Cellulaire. Recommended for people over the age of 35. A consultation is recommended before starting the Youth Recovery Program.
  • Hydradermie Series – A vital step in caring for your skin, the Hydradermie Series offers three treatments over a one-month period to breathe new life back into your skin, restoring its natural radiance. Appropriate for all skin types.
  • Hydradermie Correcting Series for Eyes, Neck, or Bust – Appropriate for all skin types, the Hydradermie Correcting Series consists of six treatments over a three-week period to firm and rejuvenate your skin. For optimal results, repeat three times per year.
  • Beauté Neuve Renewing Series – Guinot’s new Beauté Neuve Double Peeling Treatment exfoliates, resurfaces, moisturizes, and renews your skin with glycolic, citric, malic, and tartaric acids, vitamin C and Guinot’s signature 56 cellular ingredients. Recommended for oily skin and hyper-pigmented skin conditions.

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