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Advanced Beauty Care focuses on client service and satisfaction. One hundred percent client satisfaction is our goal – we want to ensure that you are totally satisfied with Advanced Beauty Care, our services, and the Guinot beauty care products we sell.

Advanced Beauty Care is focused on 100 percent client satisfaction. The following testimonials show how Advanced Beauty Care is delivering sophisticated skin care with dependable results.

"After a facial at Advanced Beauty Care, both my skin and spirits are cleansed, revived, and rejuvenated. Thanks to Sarah Jane’s professional care, people compliment me on my skin all the time – quite the thing at age 50."

 – Susan Fanai, Redwood Shores, CA

"Walking in to Advanced Beauty Care, I totally leave the world behind. Completely private and peaceful, it is the complete opposite of a large, ’corporate’ salon. When I’m stressed, there is nothing better than a visit to Sarah Jane – I always leave feeling refreshed and invigorated."

 – Lisa Ferrari, Palo Alto, CA

"I’ve been seeing Sarah Jane at Advanced Beauty Care for more than six years. Her attention to detail and focus on her clients is unmatched, and her friendly manner puts one immediately at ease."

 – Carol Newlin, Burlingame, CA

"Today, skin care is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. With her in-depth knowledge, years of experience, and passion for her work, Sarah Jane is an expert aesthetician. She personalizes her treatments for whatever my skin needs – help with recovering from sun in the summer or avoiding dryness in the winter."

 – CJ Glynn, San Francisco, CA

"Before I began visiting Advanced Beauty Care, my skin suffered from repeated breakouts, an aggravated T-zone, and general day-to-day neglect. Through regular facials, I have gotten expert guidance on how to care for my skin inside and out. Now, thanks to Advanced Beauty Care and the wonders of Guinot, my skin has recovered and often I am told that "You just seem to have a glow" – words that a woman at any age loves to hear. It makes all the difference in how I look and how I feel about myself."

 – Amaya M. Elu, San Bruno, CA

... I am thrilled with the results and am very grateful for Sarah Jane’s expertise ...

"My skin had always been quite temperamental, sensitive, and prone to breakouts. Most treatments I have have tried attempted to tame my skin forcefully. The aggressive treatments seemed to work at first, but in the end did little to heal my skin."

"At the suggestion of a friend, I tried a Guinot Hydradermie facial by Sarah Jane at Advanced Beauty Care and was very surprised when the treatments were so gentle and relaxing. As each appointment passed I saw a new skin emerge – a nourished, radiant skin that I never thought I would experience! I am thrilled with the results and am very grateful for Sarah Jane’s expertise. Now my skin is soft and beautiful, and each session is a calming relief from the stresses of everyday life."

 – Jeannie Spagnolo, Mountain View, CA

"I had a skin condition that required extensive medical treatment that left my face swollen and distorted. Because my skin was raw, discolored, and extremely distressed, I was ashamed to go out in public. I thought my previously healthy, radiant skin was gone forever."

... I would now consider no one else but Advanced Beauty Care for skin care ...

"Then I met Sarah Jane. She looked at my skin and understood immediately what needed to be done and which treatments were appropriate for each stage of my recovery. She was also able to recommend just the right Guinot skin care products for at home care between visits. She never gave up and refused to let me give into despair, constantly reassuring me that my skin would recover."

"Today, thanks to Sarah Jane at Advanced Beauty Care, my skin is back to its original radiance. I rarely wear makeup and continue to use the Guinot skin care products that Sarah Jane recommended. I am grateful for Sarah Janeâ��s exquisite care and expertise – I would now consider no one else but Advanced Beauty Care for skin care."

 – Sandra Surace, Mountain View, CA